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Laser cutting

          Cutting details using laser is nowadays widely used technology in advertising sector. Spread of this method owes to ability of fast preparing elements of complicated shapes without lack of necessity of polishing material edges. Elements cutted by laser are transferred for farthest processing without additional necessity of their processing. Quality and repeatability of executed details is another benefit of using laser cutters. However, in order to maintain these parameters at the level which satisfies client there is need to have firm machines at stable construction and precise drives.
That’s why such machines we offer for our clients.


Imprint and marking

        There is a possibility to decorate or to mark plates of plastics and products from them made in several ways. Selection of the method depends from allocation, kind of farthest processing, how complicated is printed inscription and what kind of effect we want to achieve, time of realization and its cost.
Capabilities that we offer can be divided in two groups:
     - print direct on material – pad printing, screen printing (Pantone, CMYK), in 
       digital technology UV (e.g. CMYK + W) and engraving
     - print indirect (labels) - screen printing , in digital technology solvent or pigment. 



         This is technological process in which due to heating up to definite temperature plates and films of plastics material is modeled in a shape of the mould. This method is widely used in advertising sector and its use is only limited by the imagination of planners.
First of all, in advertising industry this technology is being used for production
       - illuminated panels
       - displays and presenters in alcoholic sector (trade), tobacco, cosmetic and

       - building individual shelf store


Moulds for Thermoforming

          Repeatability and quality of produced elements depends from accuracy and precision of mated moulds. Therefore we use tool plates and modeling plates, polyurethane resins, epoxy resins and aluminum for mould production. These materials guarantee stability of temperature mould, due to that repeatable details are produced. Materials, which we use to fabricate moulds are additionally easy in processing and after taking from machine CNC they do not require finishing treatment (polishing , priming) that prominently shortens the time of order realization. For project design and doing moulds we use innovative and parameterized software CAD/CAM (SolidWorks/EdgeCAM).


Illuminated materials

          Light wakes up in people emotions and it steers their behavior. It is able to attract or push back, intrigue or irritate. That’s why selection of proper illumination or backlight in every kind of advertising and promotional materials is an important factor which affects on realization of sales goals. There is a range of illumination technology on market that is being used in advertising sector. Starting from fluorescent lighting by halogen lighting, finishing on cold cathode, leds, the key to success is their proper selection. Selection of proper illumination it is a compromise between character of promotional material, place of their exhibition, limitations concerning supply and the desired effect .


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