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Redmax - Projektowanie i produkcja reklamowa

About Us

     Redmax company exists in present form since 2004. From the very beginning we have concentrated our actions on improving technology of processing plates from thermoplastical materials, mainly such as: PMMA, HIPS, ABS, APET, PET-G, PS, PCW. Our products and services are widely used in promotional materials/advertising sectors as elements in stands, displays, presenters, in POS-M materials and in systems of visual identification.

     Our offer consists of :
          - Laser cutting plates of plastic
          - Milling on 2 and 3 axis machine
          - Thermoforming (vacuum forming)
          - Bending, gluing, polishing elements
          - Marking/Engraving – surface and line engraving
          - Designing and producing moulds for thermoforming
          - Printing in technologies - pad printing, screen printing (Pantone, CMYK),
            in digital technology UV (e.g. CMYK + W)

     We do also offer, on the top of making products in specified technologies, complex design production services, based on received or prepared by us technical documentation (BASED ON VISUAL CONCEPT). 
     Our long term experience, precision and care for details, quality of offered services and application of innovative technology in production as well in designing (CAD/CAM) are the basis of ensuring mutually satisfactory and trouble-free cooperation.

tel: +48 22 763 14 80; e-mail: redmax@redmax.pl